The Art of Being UnHired…..

Posted: April 14, 2012 in New Posts
Election approaching or not, the  global economy and unemployment has everyone thinking about jobs, Jobs, JOBS!  While there are still a large number of people who remain jobless, surprisingly there are a significant number of people fortunate enough to get a job who BLOW IT!  Here’s some of the things a see happening that can get you ‘UnHired‘ just as quickly as you were hired.  Avoid doing any of these things if you want to keep the job you just got.
1.  Flirting! Looking at any of your co-workers in a sexual way. Unwanted Romantic Advances.  This includes making sexually orientated comments, winking, physical proximity.  Anything you do to make anyone feel uncomfortable in a sexual way can potentially expose your employer to a sexual harassment lawsuit, and get you fired quick. Don’t do it!  If you find yourself attracted to someone at work, skip the romance, and go for the cash instead.  You’re there to work, to earn, and do what your told. Your not there for an uncover paid episode of the dating game, or a reality TV show.
2.  Profanity.  Don’t use profanity at work.  I know this must be obvious to many, but you would be surprised how many people cuss like they are at a sports bar on a Friday night after they’ve had a few drinks.  Most people find this offensive.  I can assure that your employer does not have you there to represent their brand, their products, services and solutions to infuse them with your selection of colorfully offensive words.  If you find the need to express strong emotion in connection with a subject – BE CREATIVE!  Find an appropriate (and socially acceptable) word from the dictionary, thesaurus, or online wordsmith to help you express your ideas.
3.  Inappropriate Behavior.  This is far reaching and can cover many topics.  Recently, I’ve seen (now fired workers) bring projects and business from other sources to their job to be completed using their employers resources to earn a profit for another company. Ouch!  I’ve seen a (former) worker using company tools, equipment and a vehicle to do side jobs (pocketing the cash of course) for the customers the company had sent them to previously.  I’ve seen one (former) worker who used his work number as his main contact number for women he would routinely try to hit on during lunch. He’d get a large number of personal and romantically related calls.  Don’t do this.  If you’re in a relationship, get it your all.  Your co-workers and your employer will respect you more for being dedicated.  Openly advertising to your co-workers and your employer that the person you live with shouldn’t trust you will lead to no good in your career – Trust me!
4.  Talking About Personal Problems & Issues.  If you’re trying to ‘brand’ yourself as a great employee, and a ‘great asset’ to the company, you wouldn’t want to start looking forward to coming to work each tell to tell everyone the latest developments, tragedies and issues in your personal life. There are lots of reality shows, soap operas, and movies for this.  While problems may come in your life, see a counselor, your pastor, a loyal family member or trusted friend if you need someone to talk to.  Keep your personal life, and your work life separate!  Check your issues in ‘AT THE DOOR’ before you enter the workplace.
5.  Wage Theft.  Many, many people do this.  Some do it unintentionally, and innocently.  Some do it on purpose.  When you are hired, you’re usually hired for a purpose.  Find out as soon as you can, what your employer expects of you, and WHEN.  What hours are required for you to work?  Are you meeting this obligation?  Recently, one (former) worker was hired to work a shift of 8am to 4pm from Monday thru Friday.  This worker, however change to amend their work schedule (without prior approval) to a schedule that was more convenient to her lifestyle.  She would arrive at work around 7:00am and usually leave about 12:00 noon never to return until the next day.  Amazingly, she expected (and demanded) to be paid for a full 40 hour work week.  While the ‘world of work’ has changed a lot lately, particularly with the cost of gas prices and commuting very high – leaving many workers to telework (or work form home); you shouldn’t automatically assume that you can do this without getting direct approval from your boss to do this.
Additionally, if you are teleworking, your employer can expect and demand that you be available for tasks, phone calls, video conferences (Skype, Communicator, etc) during the regularly scheduled work hours just like if you were physically at the office.  If you’re found to routinely NOT BE AVAILABLE and your employer expects you to be, and their paying you to be, you could be fired!  MAKE SURE THAT YOU’RE READY, WAITING, AND/OR WORKING ON YOUR EMPLOYERS TASKS DURING YOUR SCHEDULED TIME!
These are just a few of the things I see from employers that really IRK them!  I’ve identified over 50 other items employers have told me they find undesirable in employees.  Look for the full list in my upcoming book available on Amazon, and in bookstores near you.
About The Author:  David Hoffman is a CompTIA A+ Certified IT Professional, a training instructor, and a Approved Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Training Provider. Hoffman has been providing employment, training & placement services under his JOBFORCE(r) brand since 1986 when he founded his business in Ohio to help match students with employers.  You can follow Hoffman on Twitter at  or check out his videos at: for more information.  You can get JOBFORCE(r) brand online training for a career in IT at:

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