The Accidental Entrepreneur…. Creating A Job!

Posted: March 17, 2014 in New Posts

PSSST! I'll let you in on a secret that I learned a long time ago. When you're unemployed, the best way to get a job, is to create one. Here's a story of a colleague of mine who when lost her job, and discovered the best way to transition from the pain of being laid off, was to start a business - and do what you love. Here's her story:

MEET DEBBIE. (Note-names have been changed to protect the privacy of the person this story is about). DEBBIE LOVES JEWELRY! In fact, when she's not working, I think she's dreaming about jewelry, fashion, and generally, ALL THINGS CHIC! COOL! AND RETRO! Quite simply, she loves this stuff!

Recently, when her employer decided not to renew her contract, I told her that this might be a blessing in disguise. She could choose to file for unemployment (and hope to get $300-350 per week - maximum)!

Or, she could start a business focused on, you guessed it - her love of jewelry, fashion and all things chic! After all, she had reserved a website several years ago and it has been languishing around for years, and even managed to get a few sales with little to no work.

GO FOR IT! I encouraged her.

Immediately, I was flooded with questions from Debbie. Who were my customers going to be? WHere would I find them? How much could I make? Could this be a business?

All these questions I told her we would answer together in due time. But fo rnow, get some of your products, dust them off, and let's go to market.
Her first move was to piece together a makeshift table to present her wares at the local farmers market.

Display Table - Creating A Job

My Accidental Entrepreneur's Very First Display Table

Pictured here is the actual FIRST TABLE, that she did her very first display with. Note the folding chair, the planks of wood and the plastic horses that made up her first display table.

For years, Debbie has been traveling, and acquiring merchandise that she thought was very unique and unusual. Things that caught her eye, and tugged at her heart were sure to find their way into her inventory, to be shared with other discerning collectors one day.

Wine Decanter with Wine Glasses and Coasters

Our Accidental Entrepreneur offers a Wine Decanter, with matching wine glasses and coasters

Pictured here are an interesting Wine Decanter, with a matching set of wine glasses and coasters. A very nice set which sold that same day!

Standing next to her, as she enthusiastically answered questions posed by potential customers, I was amazed at how much she knew about each item, and how it would fit into each customers home and their entertaining.

She was incredibly knowledgeable! I learned about how using a decanter helped to enhance the flavor of the wine. I learned how presenting your wine, with the right glass could influence the body and taste of the wine.

I also learned about how important it was to use a coaster, particularly if you're serving your guests and the center piece is a wood table or antique.

Matching Desert Plates and Wine Glasses

Matching Desert Plates and Wine Glasses

After spending the day with our Accidental Entrerpreneur 'Debbie', I could see that she was a natural.

Her customers loved her!

With such a humble beginning, she had gotta an excellent 'return on investment' of her time invested in exchange for actual sales and profits as well as new connections!

Little did the public know that she had thousands of products, all of which had their own interesting story, and they were bound for the new customers that had discovered Debbie and her wonderful merchandise!

Day One Sales

Our Accidental Enterpreneur Uses Her First Display and First Day Sales Hit $300!

A lot can be learned from our Accidental Entrepreneur by her story of her first day and her success.

She could have got stuck in depression atfer being let go by an employer who obviously couldn't see her creative talent and ability.

She could have elected to just file for unemployment and ride this until it ran out.

Instead, she had the courage, and the forsight to pursue her dream - pursue her own passion. On this day, success favor the woman who took the chance.

Congratulations to Debbie, our Accidental Entrepreneur and all those who have had the courage to do what Debbie did. Wnen you get laid off, fired, and don't know where your next job will come from. The best option may just be to create your own job by starting your own business!

What's your story? Tell us.....

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