The Growing Influence of G-PLUS!

Posted: April 29, 2014 in New Posts

Those of us that remember the initial hype of social media way back when (umm circa 2005), may have been de-sensitized by the hype, hope and promise.

Certainly, it’s changed the game as far as advertising goes. I remember the first time I go tmy first check from SMM, a whopping $125 bucks. I don’t remember what I did, or how I did it. But, I quickly starting retracing my steps and EUREKA! I saw what I did, and realized how powerful this new form of communication could be.

Some businesses, who initially didn’t want to hear a word I was saying, now report MILLIONS of dollars in revenue as a direct result of someone in their company having the faith to listen to us and take a chance.


The Growing Influence of Google Plus

TODAY, I came across an article regarding Google Plus. I’m a long time support of the technology. WHY? Because it’s father is a titan of a powerhouse. Secondly, I think they’re some smart people working at Google. Third, I like the name (brand) G PLUS! It just soudns cool. But, add in the fact that the billions of users who are accessing Google’s many distribution channels, and you can clearly see how G+ has some serious upside potential.

I don’t like rehashing a story already well written by others so I’ll just refer you to an already well written article by a fellow social media expert Daniel Imbellino. Check out his how well he makes his case HERE:


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